The Explorers Series Box Set (Tagalog Edition) (Kirsten Nimwey)

by Kirsten Nimwey

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"When the world's fate is at stake… a new breed of warriors will come…"

The Explorers Series (Tagalog Edition) Box Set by Kirsten Nimwey is the collection of books of The Explorers series. This includes:

1. The Explorers
2. The Explorers: King Maximillian

This box set is available in Filipino language only. Not available in print.

1. The Explorers main description:

Explorers, one of the groups of selected best fighters in the entire universe... who are called on and sworn to help restore and preserve what is left on the planet's surface and protect mankind from further devastation and chaos in hands of the invaders.

A group of legendary warriors called Explorers are King Jethro's guardians, servants, and protectors of human world and the entire universe. But only fourteen chosen men are entrusted by the king of gods to become the possessors of his long-lost elements to save the world from tribulation, disorder, and chaos.

Kenji, Claude, and Shingue start their real-life adventures together after they finished their long training in a famous martial arts school. With Valerie, the four reach Sierra Village and they stay there for a while when Shingue receives a call from the Explorers. When Kenji and Claude meet the Explorers, the group challenges them to take their tests in order for them to become a part of their group. And this is how their story begins…

2. The Explorers: King Maximilian main description:

The human world has restored its peace from turmoil when the Explorers defeated the group of Expland seven years ago, and Kenji is still under the curse of the black magic. He and Genji are about to celebrate their upcoming 25th birthday in a few days. But Reinhardt, who is now the leader of DDE, admits that there is an unforgettable history that will soon to repeat after twenty-five years coinciding the twins’ birthday. A legendary paladin, who is the greatest warrior and king of Reminescence will reborn after he was imprisoned by the Pioneers with their special power called the Great Seal. The Element Wielders wonder about the unexpected turn of events, and the DDE leader commands the Explorers to prepare themselves for the return of Reminescence during the twins’ birthday.

After a few days, Kenji and Genji have celebrated their 25th birthday in the DDE mansion. Just as expected, the Great Seal has broken its effect which frees the imprisoned king of Reminescence. And the legendary group of first-generation warriors of Reminescence returns. The Explorers become fully aware of their returned existence, and the history begins to repeat itself…

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  • The Explorers Series Box Set (Tagalog Edition) (Kirsten Nimwey)
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