Quota PHI Quota (Ron Voyage)

by Ron Voyage

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Ron Voyage was a social outcast that was left to flail inside the high school hunchback for his second time at sex. That is until he met Dbo who had him pledge to the Quota: A promise to bathe his trouser snake in a different birth canal every month. Together, they and a band of brothers experience some of the most hilarious true drinking and sex stories about the female anatomy ever witnessed.

Think you’ve done every sex-position ever? How about the Reverse human centipede?!

Don’t know how to tell if the girl you’re in love with is the one or the neighborhood whore?
Apply QPHIQ’s Slor Policy!

Want to know what it takes to be Wingman of the year? Follow the wingman of the century!

Want to set up a threesome by playing a game of Truth or Dare? We dare you to read!
We are the Quota Phi Quota. Hear us Whore!

Genre: Non-fiction, Fratire, Adult Humor, True Erotica, Drinking humor,Sexual/Relationship how-to.

Approx. 44,460 words

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