Pilates for Everybody : Introduction (Camilet Cooray)

by Camilet Cooray

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Pilates for Everybody, is a book compiled to give a very transparent insight. This book is a foundation to those who wish to start Pilates Contrology exercises. How your physical exercises help toning up your body muscles and synchronize harmony between every body part is what we discuss in this edition. This book promise you a guiding hand to take you to your dream wish of a sexy healthy body. May it be a woman or a man, a kid or an elderly person, Pilates treat them all – the same way. You cannot start your body controlling just like that, but you need to know the basics to what is what and how it is controlling. This is what we discuss in this book. This is the First Introductory volume of a series of Books that about to come to your hand from Nathasha Publishers and its authors.. We enjoy helping people. That worth more than million dollars!
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  • Pilates for Everybody : Introduction (Camilet Cooray)
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