Satisfying His Desire (Katelyn Skye)

by Katelyn Skye

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Myra Rose is great at her job—working as a government official in the department of Public Safety. So when hotshot young resort owner, Stephen Ryan, storms into her office and accuses her of engaging in bribery, Myra is furious. How dare he insult her integrity? Enthralled as she is by Stephen’s devastatingly handsome looks and those penetrating hazel eyes, Myra asks him to get out of her office in no uncertain terms, and considers it to be the end of the matter. 
Myra’s vivacious personality and sensuously curvaceous body makes Stephen’s blood boil with lust—and when he finds that he was mistaken in accusing her, he knows he needs to make amends. When Stephen sees Myra dancing at a local bar, it’s his chance to win her back. They share a sultry salsa, but when Myra turns away from him a second time, Stephen finds himself even more wildly attracted to her, and itches to teach her some manners and respect. 
Their first date ends with Myra being blindfolded and tied up, having the wildest orgasm of her life. But is she ready to open her life to Stephen? Or is he too controlling? And now that Stephen has set his eyes on Myra, will he be able to give up the chase? 

This series is a contemporary romance featuring searing and graphic depictions of romantic activity.

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