Death Zone and Other Stories (Mitch Lavender)

by Mitch Lavender

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Release date 10.04.2011
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An eclectic anthology of 20 short stories, some of which have been previously published, and are newer versions.

(excerpt from the short story, Death Zone)

Imagine putting a plastic bag over your head and bind it closed around your neck. Then, punch a pinhole in the bag where your mouth is and try to breath. Try to do that for two weeks straight. With a lump of stew you ate a week ago sitting in your stomach. With sub-zero wind constantly buffeting you; so cold, you don’t dare expose naked flesh to it for fear of extreme frostbite. Wind so loud, you can barely hear what a person is saying, even if they stand right next to you and shout in your ear. If you can imagine this, then multiply that by ten and you will get an idea of what it is like at Base Camp 4 of Mount Everest.

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