The Modern British Empire (Rhythm Prism)

by Rhythm Prism

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In the pages of this book the names of many people have been mentioned. Some of these people were powerful. Some were not. Behind these names are hidden millions of others, silent heroes and victims of empire.

The people who built the British Empire were not unique in their courage, ambition or greed. There have been other empires and there surely will be more in the future. Perhaps if we understand a little about how the British Empire grew and affected those it touched, we may have a key to understanding the operation of all empires. Perhaps, understanding this empire will teach us about the way fortune smiles upon some and does not smile upon others.

Whether we learn a lesson or not from reading about the British Empire, one thing is certain. The history of its rise and decline is full of drama and tragedy. No playwright or novelist has ever imagined a story more rich or textured than that offered by the true experiences of actual people.

The Modern British Empire is part of Rhythm Prism's Reading for Fun and Comprehension series. While some books in this series are designed for the young reader, this volume may also be enjoyed by more sophisticated readers. Each book in the series has included vocabulary and comprehension exercises, as well as map and essay challenges.

There is a print version of this, and other books, in the Reading for Fun and Comprehension series. The print version is in workbook form and allows for responses within the pages of the book.

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