Breakthrough Philosophy (Bryan Smith)

by Bryan Smith

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This book is a philosophical endeavour to make profound sense of ourselves, and reality.

"Philosophy itself is the sport of having nothing better to do. There's no shame in that; most if not all of human progress is owes its origin to the dreams we muse while in our boredom or isolation. That's why philosophy is so universal, and so dear to each of us. We all go through that independent experience of... wondering..."

Breakthrough Philosophy by Bryan Smith is organized in mind-opening yet bite-sized quotes on specific topics. These quotes stick with you like any bits of wisdom or memorable advice would. They become part of you— something you'll carry in your mind for the rest of your life. It's sort of a spiritual guide-map that's compatible with even the most adamant of Atheist thinkers, as well as the devout bishop or cleric.

These kinds of insights, and the broad range reach of the topics do eerily beg the question: Is this the breakthrough of modern philosophy?

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