In the Teeth of the Evidence (Dorothy L. Sayers)

by Dorothy L. Sayers

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Release date 31.07.2012
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An irresistible collection of stories starring Lord Peter Wimsey and Montague Egg, from the master of classic mysteries

Most noblemen would prefer to avoid a charred corpse in a garage. But Lord Peter Wimsey has never seen such a body, and cannot resist the opportunity when it comes along. The corpse is burned beyond recognition, but the watch it wears remains pristine—stopped precisely at seven minutes past nine.
These are the sorts of clues that great murder cases are built around, and few detectives are more adept at finding them than Wimsey, the famous creation of Dorothy L. Sayers. In this volume, two classic Wimsey stories appear alongside five starring Montague Egg, an eccentric wine salesman whose powers of deduction could give His Lordship a run for his money. A handful of other glittering puzzles round out the volume, serving as testament to Sayers’s enduring status as a star of crime fiction.
This ebook features an illustrated biography of Dorothy L. Sayers including rare images from the Marion E. Wade Center at Wheaton College.
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  • In the Teeth of the Evidence (Dorothy L. Sayers)
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