Non Zombie (Garrett Robinson)

by Garrett Robinson

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Release date 19.04.2013
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Cliff is just an ordinary nerd in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Overnight, he's gone from societal reject to apex predator. He knows the drill. He keeps his family safe. He's on top of the world. Until he gets bit.

The next morning, Cliff wakes up a zombie. Only, not. He can't feel, he can't bleed or die, but he can still think.

Will Cliff and his family figure out what's happened to him? Can he still defend his family in his new, slow, shambling state? Will he ever get back to normal?

This first novella in the Non Zombie trilogy delivers explosive laughs and a gory, raucous look at a post-apocalyptic future where the meek truly have inherited the earth.

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