A Taste for Pain (Madam Jamei)

by Madam Jamei

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A Taste for Pain

Warning: This eBook is intended for mature audiences only. It contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language. If you are someone that is easily offended, I strongly recommend you stop reading and go back to your boring, dull, inconsequential life. BUT… if you enjoy life, yourself, and pleasure, please feel free to keep reading and enjoy the hard work I have put into these pages. This eBook is for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase.

None of these stories are true, they are all works of my imagination, any and all names, actions, and stories have been fabricated from my subconscious.

Aha! Kay Reid sat up straighter in her chair as she heard the floorboards on the stairway creaking. Someone was obviously sneaking downstairs. Experience told her they’d be making their surreptitious way towards the kitchen, a kitchen which was out of bounds to everyone except the chef. For days now he’d been complaining that food was going missing. She’d been right to stay awake and on guard.

Leisurely, Kay stretched out her tennis-toned arms then tiptoed towards her bedroom door, the mirror showing her five-foot-eight frame in her favorite khaki shirt and matching army surplus trousers. Heart starting to beat harder, she flexed her firm, right spanking palm. As owner of Trim Camp, she’d found that keeping discipline sometimes involved more than an inspirational lecture. A sly slap to the back of some eighteen-year-old’s thighs was usually enough to take the overeater’s mind away from pasta. A shaming spank to a jean-clad rump usually shocked a young woman into more sensible snacking, the option being going to college in the Fall still looking fat.

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