At Odds with Twenty-Two (Marion F. Francisco)

by Marion F. Francisco

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I wonder if Janie will come. It was Parker Thomas’s first thought as he prepared to head back to his alma mater for a twenty-two-year college reunion. Parker was forty-four, but he could still remember his days half a lifetime ago as a party boy in upstate New York. He could also remember Janie—the one that got away. Parker didn’t have much to complain about; he was a successful businessman—but sometimes, he felt lonely. Janie Farwell had similar thoughts. She, too, had found success in the business world, so why did her life still feel empty? Why did she so often reminisce about the past and about a handsome boy named Parker? Of course he would be at the reunion, she told herself. She had to believe it. She wanted to see him again; she only wondered what might happen when she did. Would she feel the same way about him, twenty-two years later? The night draws nearer, until finally, Parker and Janie meet face-to-face. As their fellow graduates catch up on careers, families, and old friendships, Parker and Janie can only see each other. But can love weather the years? Does a spark survive a twenty-two-year gap, or will college grudges and youthful indiscretions come back to haunt them? Only the night of the reunion can tell, and what happens may chance both of their lives forever.
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