The Tales of Shakuntala and Sakunthala (Professor Vidanage P. Karunaratne)

by Professor Vidanage P. Karunaratne

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This is a research-based Investigative Novel aesthetically and poignantly written, drawing from a true and genuine historical episode embodied in the Indian Epic “Mahabharata” and later dramatized by the Great Indian Poet Kalidasa in his play “Shakuntala”. The present writer has discovered a true and genuine parallel from the modern times in Sri Lanka that began to occur in the year 2014 to the above-mentioned true and genuine episode in the Mahabharata that happened nearly two millenniums ago. Ironically and rather astoundingly, the main protagonist female character in both these pathetic love stories bear the same name and age at that point in time, although the name is spelt slightly different due to the difference in pronunciation in India and Sri Lanka, viz. Shakuntala and Sakunthala.
Shakuntala in India falls in love with Dushyantha whereas Sakunthala in Sri Lanka falls in love with Rajithasiri both in a similar paradigm at the age of 19 years and soon after give themselves wholeheartedly to their lovers on their own volition, furtively keeping everything in secret from their parents. Their love-sex affairs exceed the average permissible limits resulting in the indulgence of penetrative sex and consequently Shakuntala becomes pregnant but Sakunthala is saved from pregnancy due to the modern usage of contraceptives. Incidentally, due to the sins both of them have committed by being reproachfully negligent, they are cursed by two very powerful pious and erudite personalities resulting in they being abandoned and discarded by their lovers rather unexpected by them. Moreover, both of them become deprived of their life-long ambitions and are looked down upon by the society at large.
Is not there an end to their curses, both Shakuntala and Sakunthala wonder; how long have them to suffer this evil fate and kismet, they question. Both of them are supposed to be sinners despised by many. Thus their sins must end for them to be redeemed.
The numerous pictorial and photographic illustrations provided in this Investigative Novel have been included with a view to render impetuous actions to the reading material with a gargantuan visual impact.

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  • The Tales of Shakuntala and Sakunthala (Professor Vidanage P. Karunaratne)
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