How To Hunt The Nocturnal Buck (Dragan Vujic)

by Dragan Vujic

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The majority of the really big bucks only come out at night. After surviving three or more hunting seasons, these whitetails have learned that it is only safe to venture forth when the cloak of darkness descends. They are the nocturnal bucks. But, just because you do not see them in the diurnal hours, does not mean that they are not around. In fact, all of us have probably walked past within a stone throw of a bedded or hidden nocturnal buck and not noticed him. There are probably huge nocturnal bucks where you hunt. However, you may not have seen them. Having harvested several nocturnal bucks in the last several years, I would like to share some insightful information with you. This book describes in detail where to find nocturnal bucks and how to kill them during the daylight hours. The revealed strategies and tactics will bring you within bow range of a nocturnal buck in the daytime. I have also included a few detailed accounts of the nocturnal bucks that I have arrowed down.

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