Animal Isle (Merl Borrow)

by Merl Borrow

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GanreFiction - YA
Release date 21.01.2015
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This book is about Benjamin Beaver, a perfectionist by nature. He wants to do the very best every time. He can be very pushy and demanding on his way to his idea of perfection, sometimes hurting the feelings of his friends and neighbors on Animal Isle. However, his natural ability to be a leader makes up for his bossy attitude. When he is in leader mode, he doesn’t seem pushy. He can make everyone feel like part of the group and each thing they do to help is greatly appreciated. Every one of the inhabitants of Animal Isle feel like Benjamin can be trusted and many seek his advice regularly. He plays the father figure role to most of his neighbors and often can settle their disputes with common sense and ease. Benjamin organizes most of the functions on the Isle, from BBQ’s to projects on someone’s house. This series is designed to address social situations, both common and uncommon, by personifying animals and using their natural personalities as a basis for their human qualities. All animals interact with each other, usually using three characters in each book. There are no humans on Animal Isle. The inhabitants of Animal Isle will never know humans exist. The animals are self-sufficient and there is no money. Anything the animals need, they can make.
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