The Domination Game Checkmate (Jennifer Byars)

by Jennifer Byars

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After Adire, a quick witted dominatrix, finds out the horrific truth that Davis’ father was the man who brutalized her mother all those years ago, she decides to leave behind the only man she’s ever loved. Without a word, she packs her bags and leaves Boston for a prestigious PR position in Beijing. Life, however, isn’t the same without Davis. Neither 12-hour-work days nor the dazzling nightlife of Beijing provides the escape she had been hoping for.

For Davis, meanwhile, the truth of who and what his father truly is devastates both his family and his heart. His only hope is that Adire will come to realize that he is nothing like his father, but rather, a man deeply in love with her, a man who would forever put her needs above all else. All of his hopes for her return are dashed, however, when arrives back at their brown stone on Chestnut Street only to see a For Sale out front.

Davis decides to do everything in his power to regain Adire’s trust and love and immediately boards a plane for Beijing. Even as he does so, further problems arise in Adire’s world when a mysterious man from her past sudden reappears and offers an ultimatum that could not only devastate her career, but her heart as well.

In a love story of consummate passion and mystery, the unanswered question is whether Adire and Davis can come together to put their pasts behind them or are the brutal realities of their pasts just too much to overcome…

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