A Quest for Truth and Wisdom (Robert Wilson)

by Robert Wilson

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Truth to some may be what is seen in the natural universe. Truth to some may be what is expressed by some individual who seems to be successful or charismatic. Truth to some may be what the Bible says. Truth to some may span a complex variety of issues, and to others, to be quite simple. Webster’s Dictionary says to attain wisdom a person must have good sense, good judgment, insight, and knowledge. Does that limit the number of persons who can have wisdom?


This search for truth and wisdom comes from the perspectives of Western culture, scientific approach, logic, reason, and monotheistic philosophies. Monotheism encompasses Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and some other lesser-known belief systems. This subject might be treated differently from the perspectives of Eastern cultures, emotion, mysticism, or more spiritual concepts and polytheistic religious philosophies. The latter perspectives are not discussed here. 


This work addresses some aspects of the concepts of truth. Questions are asked and answers are suggested. Original Greek scripture is referenced rather than any translation or interpretation that could have been influenced by a particular theological philosophy, organized church, church tradition, or seminary.


I propose a third concept to add to Evolution and Creation, or Intelligent design––the Eternal or Forever concept––everything has simply always been and always will be. No beginning and no end.


I discuss aspects of the nature of man. 

I discuss intelligence, intellectualism, and education.

I discuss global intelligence and terrorism in the world of today.

I discuss dualisms in American culture.

I discuss science and our limited view in space and time.

I discuss difficult or significant passages in the Bible, with emphasis on the original Greek.

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